Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern


What is a Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern?

Gravestone Doji is a pattern in which the opening and closing prices are at the low of the day. The Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern is a top reversal pattern. It appears during an uptrend representing a possible reversal of trend just like its cousin Bearish Shooting Star Pattern.

Bearish Gravestone Doji pattern

Recognition Criteria of Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern:

1. The market is characterized by an uptrend.

2. We see a white candlestick at the higher end of the trading range in the first day.

3. Prices open with a gap and we see a Doji with no lower (or almost no) shadow on the second day.

4. Upper shadow of the doji is usually long.

Explanation of Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern:

Gravestone Doji after a rally has bearish implications for the following reason. The market opens on the low of the day. Then prices start to rally (preferably to a new high). The rally cannot be sustained during the day and prices plummet to the day’s lows meaning trouble for longs. The Gravestone Doji represents the graves of those bulls that have died defending their territory.

Important Factors of Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern:

The Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern has more bearish implications than a Bearish Shooting Star Pattern. The longer the upper shadow and the higher the price level, the more bearish the implications of the Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern will be.

A confirmation is required on the following day to be more certain about the bearish implications of the Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern. Confirmation may be in the form of the next day opening below the Gravestone Doji. The larger the gap the stronger the confirmation will be. A black candlestick with lower prices can also be another form of confirmation.

Bearish Gravestone Doji Pattern


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