3.Goal Setting: Learn to set your respective targets 

Are you having challenges …

1. calculating lot sizes to trade within your own risk management?
2. monitoring your trade progress, are you on the way to hitting your goals or behind target?
3. estimating the pips value for cross pair like AUDJPY, EURGBP?
4. with money management if your live account is not an USD account?
Your answer is HERE !! Download the latest Goal Setter V2, which includes a progress tracking sheet tailored to your Goals and also a lot size calculator that caters to live accounts funded in EUR, USD or GBP, able to compute for most major currency pairs.
Have you funded your live account in SGD? Wonder what is the pip value to use?
Your solution is here, download Goal Setter V3, with the new lot size calculator catered to live account in SGD denomination.


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