1.Learn managed Forex: Back-Testing

Learn managed Forex: Back-Testing

Back-Testing, Forward Tracking Template: Keep track a performance sheet for the strategies you have tested

Use this template to collect the Back-testing and Forward-Tracking results of any strategy. Feel free to customise it to your preference

Any new trading techniques or strategies that traders come across should be properly backtested. Past data are available into your platform so that you can go back to previous months or even years and apply the rules and criteria of the strategy. It is a home work assigned to every trader that new strategies, no matter how high is the winning probability or the reward it gives, must under go backtestingTabulated results will determine if such strategies suit your style or is applicable to the current market conditions.
Browse over this template and start doing your back and forward testing.
Learn managed Forex : Back-Testing
Learn managed Forex : Back-Testing


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